Scroll Down IT for Coworking Spaces We provide carrier-class IT infrastructure that enables Coworking Spaces to develop their community and grow their business

How important is the network connection in your coworking space?

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    Internet is the most valued service

    Among all the infrastructure services provided by coworking spaces, Internet is the one members value the most.

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    WiFi connection is a basic need

    WiFi connection is considered a basic need in any coworking space for members to develop their daily work activities.

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    Insufficient Internet connection is the main problem

    3 out of 10 stable members said an insufficient or poor Internet connection was the main problem in their current coworking spaces.

We design, deploy and manage your WiFi network

Carrier-Class Services

We bring in the technology, proceses and know-how of Communications Service Providers in order to deliver performance, stable and 24×7 available services.

Scalable Services

Scalable and flexible services that supports the growth of your coworking space.

Coworking oriented

We focus on Coworking Spaces and provide solutions to meet their specific problems.

Explore our Services

Every IT service you need to run a coworking space

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    Managed Printing

    Cloud printing system that allows you to manage all your printers from a single platform, being able to restrict the amount of copies per member and offering additional payed copies.

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    Managed WiFi Network

    Managed Gigabit WiFi network service, monitored 24×7. Our service includes the network design, Internet provider selection, deployment, operation and support. Furthermore, we bring in the technology, processes and know-how of Communications Service Providers to ensure a high-available, stable and performance network.

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    Managed Surveillance

    Video surveillance managed service to keep your community safe all day long. Watch hi-def videos and images in real-time and recordings from anywhere. The service is provided in two versions; cloud or hosted on-site.

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    Tech Support

    Tech support for you coworking space team and members. Moreover, we provide technical sales support to your potential members, translating technical needs into business requirements and communicating the advantages of your IT infrastructure.

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    IT Infrastructure Design

    IT infrastructure service design focused on your coworking space needs and embedding the industry best practices.

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    IT Strategy

    IT strategy and IT transformation service to drive IT as a business value creator and a business growth enabler.

Know the Benefits

Main benefits provided by our services

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    Reduce Operational Expenditures

    No on-site IT administrator needed.

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    Increase Productivity

    Make the most out your IT resources.

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    Improve Customer Experience

    Better CX through easy to use and high-available services.

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    Develop New Services

    Use IT as a premium services enabler and new revenue sources.